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Photo Submissions

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In Progress

Jim Huebner's Tent City Collection

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The Barry Seybert Collection

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1.   Photo of arrest of Tent City occupant on July 12, 1977 when police removed and arrested 193 and disbanded Tent City.
2.  Photo of tour given by Alan Canfora of Tent City and the May 4 site. Taken in either 1976 or   1977.
3.  Another Photo of tour.
4. A rare moment in the history of Tent City.  KSU President Glenn Olds (center Photo)drops by Tent City unannounced to "rap" with protest participants and try to convince them to voluntarily  vacate the site. This was about a week before 193 were arrested on July 12, 1977.

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Mary Mosher has been around Kent just about all of her life and was also an activist and resident at Tent City. I have included some of the photos she took of everyday Tent City Life. Click on Mary Mosher to go to her photo page. I have included names where they were noted on the back of her photographs. All had to be color corrected or enhanced in response to the ravages of time.

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When I put out the call for people to submit memorabilia on Tent City and the Gym Struggle I inadvertently sent an e-mail to Kent and Ravenna's Record-Courier. It went to the editor, Roger DiPaolo, who in 1977 was doing his internship at the newspaper while pursuing his journalism degree at Kent State.  In Roger's own words "I moved a box full of gym dispute memorabilia to four apartments and my own home and held onto it for 20 years until I got an ultimatum from my wife to either toss it or find a good home for it." Well, it found a good home in KSU's May 4 archives and Roger has given us permission to publish whatever we choose from this collection. Click on Roger DiPaolo to go to his submission page.

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Mike's mom or dad took some photos of Tent City while on visit from New York in 1977. Smaller versions are on the Tent City page. Link here for much bigger photos. Be patient while they download.

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This link contains 4 photos from Tent City including some of Allison's and Sandy's parents.

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Mike's collection of black and white photos from Tent City. Scanned from negatives.

Link here for photos submitted to the 2000 edition of the Kent State Burr by the The May 4 Center


Gym Struggle History

Chronology of the Gym Struggle with map.
Position Paper May 4 Coalition, June 23, 1977

         A speech by someone for the construction of the gym on the May 4 site.
         The Basi Committee report written after the gym protests ended and because the gym protests happened.

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The Truth Demands Justice was the newspaper published by the May 4 Coalition from April 10, 1978 till May 4, 1978. I am attempting to digitally recreate all four issues which means typing all the articles and scanning the photos and graphics. The articles are typed verbatim, typos and all. The views expressed in the articles are those of whoever wrote the article. When I am done typing an issue or a page the links below will connect you to the front page of that issue.

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Bill Arthell, eyewitness to May 4, 1970, member of the Kent 25, and activist in the Gym Struggle wrote this article on the Gym Struggle, entitled Kent State: A Distortion of History, for Alternatives:A forum for activism in the seventies out of Oberlin, Ohio.

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