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   Bill Kunstler is a true American hero.  He spoke at Kent State many times during the past 28 years. I personally saw him speak five times in that span. Bill first came to Kent  in 1970 when he was invited to speak at a rally to memorialize the recent murders of Allison, Sandy, Jeff and Bill. It was at this time that Bill offered his legal assistance to anyone in Kent who might be charged with crimes involving the events of May 4, 1970.  And when a grand jury indicted 24 Kent students and one professor on various riot charges Bill helped organize a team of defense attorneys.

In 1976 when the university announced plans to build a gym annex on the May 4 site, Bill, once again came to the aid of the May 4 Families by helping to file a federal lawsuit to declare the site a national landmark.

Bill Kunstler's life as a Radical Lawyer spanned over 50 years. Besides helping out at Kent State, Bill was present at the occupation of Wounded Knee and the rebellion at Atica prison. Some of his more notable clients were Martin Luther King, Jr., Abbie Hofman, Malcolm X, and Jerry Rubin.
William Moses Kunstler died on September 3, 1995.

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Speeches by William Kunstler at Kent State University:

May 4, 1988
May 4, 1990
May 4, 1992
May 3, 1994
May 4, 1994

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