The Truth Demands Justice-Vol. 1 No. 1-Page 1-April 10, 1978
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The murders of Sandy Scheuer, Jeff Miller, Allison Krause and Bill Schroeder on our campus is 1970 are not unique, not ate they an isolated incident of history. Fifteen students were murdered on American college campuses during the anti-war movement.

Six students were killed within a one week period at Kent and Jackson State. History books are filed with examples of massacres and atrocities of governments against the people who date to stand up for what they believe in...who actively engage in struggle to create a better way of life.

The incredible six month long struggle to Move The Gym made the injustice of May 4, 1970 a national issue once again...eight years later.  As Michael Kinsley, managing editor of The New Republic, said in his column the Washington diarist..."It is astonishing that a campaign like this can be mounted in 1977, and I wish them success." (8/13/77)

The amazing resurgence of political activity on our campus amidst the comatose state of many in our community and around the country, has served as a beacon to all concerned people.

What is unique about Kent State is the dogged persistence of students, families o f the dead and wounded and literally thousands of people around the globe who have continued during the last eight years to right the injustice of 1970. Hence the growth of the May 4th movement.

In the next few weeks we will attempt to create a better understanding of the time frame in which the Kent State massacre took place and the evolution of the May 4th Movement. As we gain a better understanding of the issue we hope that THE TRUTH DEMANDS JUSTICE will help contribute and build for the May 4 program, called for by the May 4 Task Force, this year.

Considering all the attempts by the "powers that be" to destroy the real meaning, lessons and political significance of the anti-war movement, the shootings and more recently the gym struggle... it is certainly no small task.  THE TRUTH DEMANDS JUSTICE will hopefully serve to communicate our message to the people, acting as a vehicle to bypass the "establishment press" which has don little but cloud the issued and misrepresent the real situation.



The repression that has been building for months at KSU came to a head on Thursday, April 16. Three trials and a noon rally made it clear that the university administration is willing to go to real lengths to silence dissent on campus. The days activities painted a stark picture of the unconstitutional restrictions and acts the administration has committed in attempts to perpetrate their illegitimate and unpopular policies and practices

      At 9:00 Alan Canfora and Greg Rambo began their trial at Kent Municipal Court (Judge Kent).  They are charged with criminal trespass for using a loudspeaker at a public rally on the student center Plaza on March 29. They face a  maximum sentence of 30 days in jail and a $2250.00 fine.

       Five persons who were arrested on October 23, 1977 for reading the 1st amendment of the Constitution at a public rally on the Student Center Plaza began their trial at 10:00 at Municipal Court (Judge Kent). Bill Arthrell, Tom Goldman, Louis Gibloom, Mark Miller and Rich Terrass were protesting the now infamous court injunction obtained by Brage Golding for the October 22 rally of the May 4 Coalition.


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At 12:00 noon these defendants and Glenn Perusek, who faces expulsion from the school for passing our leaflets in the student center lobby, addressed a crowd of about 100 people in protest of the politically motivated repression at Kent State. The spirited rally made it clear that an increasing number of KSU students are becoming outraged at the unconstitutional attacks of the administration.

     Finally, at 4:00 Perusek began his trial on the 3rd floor of the student center.
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KSU President Brage Golding made several outrageously provocative comments concerning the popular movement to expose and stop the injustice of the Kent State massacre. Quoted in the Record Courier interview on April 6, Golding revealed his desperation and utter failure in attempting to continue the long cover-up at Kent State.

Golding's remarks were aimed at the sincere efforts of the dedicated members of the May 4th Task Force has worked long and hard to bring the truth about the massacre to KSU students, utilizing films, dorm programs and sponsoring the annual May 4th ceremonies. And this year, the May 4th Task  Force has worked harder than ever and has planned an excellent program for May 4, 1978.

Golding stated that the May 4th Task Force has "no real cause now. There is no cause, it's Mickey Mouse stuff." In reality, the May 4th Task Force has a great and honorable cause--the cause of revealing the nature of the 1970 massacre, the cove-up and the total injustice at Kent

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State, The Task Force is now preparing for the largest and most significant May 4th gathering since 1970. The massive rally and march will dramatically indicate the widespread opposition to the Kent State injustice.

Thousands of KSU students will be joined by thousands of other people of conscience from across America. We will unite in support of a common theme: STOP THE KENT STATE INJUSTICE! We should all welcome this monumental
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The Truth Demands Justice-Vol. 1 No. 1-Page 1-April 10, 1978
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