History of
Prentice Parking Lot

On my knees
With my life in my arms
The blood flows past my
The tears
Slide off my trembling lips
Onto her pale
Pale face

Like water thru my fingers
Her life slips away.

Barry Levine

PrenticeLot5-4-70.JPG (23388 bytes)

Prentice Hall parking lot on May 4, 1970 moments after Ohio National Guardsmen gunned down Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, Sandra Scheuer and William Schroeder .
PrenticeLotWaxoOnPavement.JPG (25597 bytes)

After more than 28 years the Kent State University administration finally decided (due to public pressure) to close the parking spaces where the 4 students were killed and erect a permanent marker in each spot..
For years cars had parked on this sacred ground and for years May 4 activists had prompted the KSU administration to close Prentice parking lot to put an end to this desecration. See below for further information and links on the Parking Lot controversy.

It was only on May 4, 1998 that over 200 students and supporters marched on KSU President Carol Cartwright's office to demand that the spots where Sandra, Bill, Jeffrey and Allison were shot not be subjected to parked cars, oil slicks and massive indifference. Only after a 2 hour sit-in and lengthy negotiations with President Cartwright did she promise to consider the students demands and to render a decision on July 1. Despite that being in the summer when the campus would be virtually empty, students planned to hold a rally on July 1 to greet her decision. However, President Cartwright announced just a few days before the planned rally that the University would indeed close the four spots and erect markers in each space.

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