May 4, 1970 commemorative buttons

About the Artist

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This button was originally created in April of 1987 in collaboration with Alan Canfora, one of the 9 students wounded at Kent State on May 4, 1970. This button is the centerpiece of the series.

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Allison  Krause called out these words to an Ohio National Guardsman on May 3, 1970, after he ordered a private to remove a flower from the the barrel of his rifle. This button was created in April of 1985.

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The phrase on this button, "the small metal pellets speed through the air, pausing occasionally to claim another victim...he too asks why", was lifted from an anti-war poem, entitled Where does it End?, written by Jeffrey Miller at age 15. This button was created in 1989.

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"Learning from the past is of prime consideration." is from a poem written by William Schroeder for his mother as a Mother's Day present in 1969. The graphics above the poem represent two books on war probably read by William as a student of history and a member of the ROTC. This button was created in April of 1987.

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The last time Sandra Scheuer's Mother visited her in Kent on May 2nd, 1970, Sandy commented she wanted to bring all the lilacs that were beginning to bloom in her backyard into her house. This button was created in April of 1987.

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All of the buttons on this page are copyrighted by Kendra Lee Hicks and may not be reproduced in any form without her written permission.

About the Artist

 Kendra Lee Hicks, the designer of these buttons has been involved in May 4th activities since 1982. At this time she played the part of Allison Krause  in a theatre production entitled KENT STATE: A REQUIEM produced and directed by Dr. Gregory Payne of Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts..               

In 1986, Kendra moved to Ohio and while pursing her career volunteered a great deal of her time and talents toward preserving the memory of May 4, 1970. Kendra attended May 4 Task Force meetings, produced art work for the various commemorations including banners,  was responsible for setting up the vigil sites in Prentice Parking Lot from 1988 to 1999 and had the opportunity to meet with  and become close friends with many of the members of the May 4 families. The art work above has grown out of Kendra's experiences with the May 4 movement over these years and reflects some the most intimate and passionate moments of her life.

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