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Four individuals, each carrying a candle representing one of the four slain students, lead a candlelight march around campus.
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Ron Kovic. Vietnam Veteran, author and activist is greeted by Alan Canfora, wounded on May 4, 1970
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Candlelight marchers leave candles at the B'hai Memorial in Prentice Parking Lot  where the four students were shot and killed.
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After the march, individuals stand vigil till 12:24pm on May 4 at the spots where Allison, Jeffrey, Bill and sandy were shot.


Candlelight march Photos from 1989.
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All photos on page and Candlelight march photos by Mike Pacifico

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The 28th annual May 4 Commemoration on the Kent State University was characterized by rainy weather, impassioned speeches and controversy over the spots in the Prentice parking lot where Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, Sandra Scheuer and William Schroeder were shot and killed during an anti-Vietnam war protest on May 4, 1970. Controversy erupted after the completion of the Candlelight March on the evening of May 3. Over two hundred people had just completed a march around the Kent State campus carrying lit candles in the pouring rain including KSU President Carol Cartwright. She was approached by members of the May 4 Task Force whoattempted to present her with letters from the parents of the slain students requesting that the spots where their students were slain no longer be used to park cars.

Four individuals, each carrying a candle representing one of the four students killed at Kent State on May 4, 1970, lead a Candlelight march around the Campus. President Cartwright refused to accept the letters and directed the students to contact her at another time. After a heated discussion which failed to change her mind she left the vigil. This somewhat mild conftrontation set the tone for even more dramatic activities the next day.

The annual May 4, 1970 Commemoration Program is sponsored and organized each year by the May 4 Task Force. The M4TF was founded in 1975 by Kent State students when the University decided to forgo its sponsorship of the annual commemorations. Each year the M4TF chooses a theme and invites speakers to participate in the program and relate their experiences to the theme. 1998's theme was the "Unification of the Generations."The 28th Commemoration consisted of an Arts Tribute on May 2nd, a showing of the film "Born on the Fourth of July" on May 3rd and the main program at noon on May 4 on the University Commons. The M4TF also coordinates the Candlelight March and Vigil on May 3rd and 4th. The Arts Tribute consisted of poetry readings, music and book reading. This year, Dean Kahler, wounded and paralyzed on May 4, 1970, gave a presentation. He is currently a History and Civics teacher in Southern Ohio. He related his experiences as a high  school teacher in motivating his students to be more active and aware of current events and responding to them. The movie, "Born on the Fourth of July", shown on May 3, is a biographical account of the life of Ron Kovic, who was wounded and paralyzed while in the army during the Vietnam War. Ron has been to Kent State before and was this years featured speaker on May 4.



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