We get occasional  E-Mail requests for help from grade school, high school and university students doing academic research on the events of May 1970. Most of them simply state their intent and ask us to help them. Usually the request is very broad, such as, "I'm doing a paper on the killings at Kent. Can you send me some information?"

Mike and Kendra's, Kent State, May 4, 1970 Web site was never meant to be a comprehensive source of information on the events of May 1970. Our primary purpose is to present a gateway for those who have an interest in the event and subsequent related events and issues. You will not find everything you might desire on this web site.

However we will try to present a pathway, starting here, that one might take to accomplish their study on this subject.


If you need to familiarize yourself with the "basics" of the events of May, 1970 we have published a short chronology which you can link to from HERE. The text is hyperlinked to various photos throughout the Chronology. In addition, you can link to an article written after the 30th commemoration which also relates back to the events of May 1970. Link HERE for the article. Note:The events of May 1970 did not end on May 4, 1970. Subsequent events are chronicled elsewhere in this web site and offer a rich testament to the continuos relevance of May 4, 1970.  One should peruse these sections in order to aquatint themselves with the history to preserve the truth and seek justice surrounding  the events of May 4, 1970.


Once you have read the above mentioned sections and are targeting your research towards the events of May 1970, we suggest you consult our links page and check out other web sources related to May 1970. Click HERE for that page.These sources will provide you with quite a bit of material on the events of May 1970. I will recommend three or four: The Emerson College Site, the web sites of Alan Canfora and that of the May 4 Task Force. Each site link is accompanied by a description of the site. For more specific information on what you can find on these sites related to research about the EVENTS of May 4, 1970 see below. However don't let this prevent you from going to our links page and taking advantage of other May 4 sites which cover a variety of May 4, 1970 issues in addition to the "event."


Despite the immensity of the World Wide Web, it alone (yet) cannot provide the serious researcher with everything they might need. Good, old-fashioned book reading is still a must. We have provided a section on books written about May 4, 1970, along with descriptions and reviews as well as where one might purchase these books (if you can't find them in your local or university library). Link HERE for our Books and References section.


Kent State University has a massive archives dealing with May 4, 1970 and subsequent events. Some of the material is on their web site and you can link to the site from our links page. You can also travel to Kent and check out the archives for yourself.
If you have some specific question you can E-Mail us and we can try to find out for you.


MAYDAY:Kent State

Prof. J Gregory Payne has established an excellent site about May 4, 1970 and has included much more information about the "event" than any other web site I have encountered. Included are a chronology, historical context and aftermath as well as an appendix which has Richard Nixon's speech of April 4, 1970, Ohio Governor James Rhodes' speech of May 3, 1970, The Justice Department's summary of FBI reports, The Report of the Special Grand Jury and an Excerpt from the President's Commission on Campus Unrest.

Kent State Archives May 4 Collection

The Kent State University Archives May 4 Collection main page can be accessed from our links page. Most of the information about the collection contains a list of what is available for viewing at the archives on the Kent State campus. Very little of the collection is available on-line. However if you are a serious researcher, a visit to the archives would be invaluable. Use the information available to narrow or expand your scope and then visit the Archives.

There is an annotated bibliography on -line that could be valuable. It contains a list of books, web pages and periodicals about May 4 1970.

The Oral History Project section contain submitted statements by individual containing their feelings about May 4, 1970 as it happened. There are many eye-witness accounts of May 4 1970 in this section.

A "Frequently Asked Questions" section has information on the following topics

bulletThe 4 murdered and 9 wounded students
bulletLyrics to CSN&Y's "Ohio"
bulletChronologies on May 4, 1970, Tent City, the May 4 Memorials and the legal aftermath.

(I will add more mini-reviews of other sites in time.)

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