May 3, 1999

Until May 3, 1999, the May 4 community was still uncertain as to when or if construction would commence on the spots where the four were shot in May of 1970. Initial deadlines were vague and the behavior of the University administration, while courteous, lacked a firm sense of commitment. Earlier in the semester orange barrels had been placed near the sites of the killings, but still, no date had been announced for the construction to begin.

However, on May 3rd, after reviewing the location of the barrels and determining that they were misplaced, members of the May 4 Task Force, including Task Force historians Alan Canfora and Kendra Lee Hicks, met with University architects and Jerry Lewis at Prentice Lot. After a brief and cordial meeting the positioning  of the permanent memorial markers were agreed upon.  In addition Task Force members were informed for the first time that construction would begin on May 17 and the official dedication would be held on September 8.

prentice1-5-3-99.JPG (33614 bytes)

prentice2-5-3-99.JPG (35679 bytes)

prentice3-5-3-99JPG.JPG (47455 bytes)

Consulting photos of May 1970 to determine the placement of the memorial markers.

Kendra Hicks, Jerry Lewis and Alan Canfora

Task Force members and others at Prentice Lot.

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   It was also learned that the memorial cornerstones, bearing the names of the four students would be temporarily displayed for this year's vigil on the 4 Prentice Lot spots. Task Force members were present at 10:00 PM when the granite cornerstones were brought to Prentice by Portage Marble and Granite.

markers7-5-3-99.JPG (22491 bytes)

markers6-5-3-99.JPG (15350 bytes)

markers6-5-3-99.JPG (15350 bytes)

markers4-5-3-99.JPG (17424 bytes)

markers1-5-3-99.JPG (27176 bytes) markers3-5-3-99.JPG (23158 bytes) markers2-5-3-99.JPG (19238 bytes)

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