23rd Annual May 4, 1970 Commemoration followed by Police Disturbance
13 Arrested in Kent as police PREEMPT
antiwar march in street.

Trials Completed
Updated November 5, 2003

Two more defendents cases dismissed!
Updated, July 25, 2003

Important Background Info and Trial Update
Posted 6/24/2003
Portage Community Peace Coverage of May 4, 2003 and Trials
Cleveland IndyMedia Coverage of May 4,2003 and Trials

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Over 170 police, many in riot gear, closed off the main thoroughfare through the city of Kent to prevent a group of 200 antiwar marchers from marching in that very same street.
After being approached by the police, marchers moved onto the Kent State campus where the police confronted them.
At this point the police began to arrest people at random, including bystanders, photographers and videographers.

All were initially charged with disorderly conduct. One woman was charged with felony vandalism due to being pushed by the police, while in handcuffs and hitting her head agianst a bus window and cracking it.

We need your help to fight these charges
and win
in court to preserve the right
to assemble peaceably in the city of Kent.

All the initial trials have been completed
and 2 guilty verdicts are being appealed.

A Legal Defense Fund has been set up:
Send your contrubutions to:
May 4th Detainee Legal Defense Fund
611 West Market Street
Akron, OH 44303

Make your checks payable to the 
May 4th Detainee Legal Defense Fund
For more information email legalfund@may41970.com

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