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The Great Peace Project of 2000

The Kent State University May 4 Task Force issued the following call on May 4, 1999.



        The May 4 Task Force cordially invites you to participate in THE GREAT PEACE  PROJECT  OF 2000. Our goal is to mobilize the greatest mass pilgrimage in Kent History for May 4, 2000. On the the 30th annual commemoration of the killing of our sisters and brothers at Kent State and Jackson State, international media outlets will undoubtedly tune in to see if our combined efforts for a more compassionate world have finally begun to fade. IT'S TIME TO SHOCK THE WORLD by proving like never before that those who fell before us have not died in vain and that the masses are still determined to secure a world free of senseless brutality.
        We are calling on everyone whose lives have been touched by violence,  warfare, domestic abuse, gunfire, etc. , to join us May 4, 2000, for a day of healing organizing and changing. To begin, THE GREAT PEACE PROJECT OF 2000 needs for everyone who attends to bring at least one piece of (weather-proof) art that depicts that individual's interpretation of the meaning and importance of non-violence. We are striving to accumulate "one million pieces of   peace." (Update from the Task Force on November 5, 1999-The Task Force has requested that instead of bringing a piece of art, that individuals instead bring a flower as their "piece of peace.")From the very young to the very old, we each have a unique perspective on what it means to secure a more peaceful existence. It is imperative that we come together in this innovative approach to show the world all of those perspectives.
         Regardless of artistic ability, leave your "pieces of peace" at Kent State on May 4, 2000, and take with you the power to better the world.

For updates on the 30th commemoration link here to the
May 4 Task Force Web Site

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Over the years Mike and Kendra have had the fortune to meet with hundreds of people who have worked in the peace and justice movement and have made Kent State a major part of their lives. The values we struggled for so diligently 30 years ago seem so very far away as we enter the new millennium. Yet, each of us, I believe, still harbor those values of our  youth that provided us with the energy to struggle so hard.
Although separated by time and distance we are still family. And it's about time we all had a reunion. Over the years we have lost track of many who have visited us here in Kent. We want to reestablish contact with them and organize the biggest family reunion in history.
We need to network. Mike and Kendra are offering this web site as an interactive forum for those who were touched by the events of May, 1970 and the broader struggles for peace and justice. Please contact us and if you are aware of anyone else who would be interested, tell them about May 4, 2000 , this web site or tell us how we can contact them. You can e-mail us or comment on our forum page.
In the next few weeks we will be adding more features to this website. In addition to reporting on this year's commemoration we will be highlighting certain individuals who have been effected by May 4, 1970 over the past 29 plus years. Link here to our web site future plans page.
Mike and Kendra-May 8, 1999

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