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On May 4, 1970 Ohio National Guardsmen open fire on unarmed Kent State student protesters, killing four and wounding nine. The students were protesting the invasion of Cambodia in Southeast Asia by United States troops as well as the invasion of their campus by the Guard. The campus was subsequently shut down and  20,000 students sent home. Within the next two weeks over 500 campuses around the country would shut down as millions of students  took to the streets to protest the Kent State murders and the Cambodian Invasion. The war in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, which had raged for over ten years and had cost the lives of over two million Southeast Asians and over 50 thousand Americans, had come home.
Since May 4, 1970 a battle for the truth has been waged about what happened that day in Kent and how we should remember it. On one side we have the architects of the Vietnam War and their supporters and on the other side those in the Peace and Justice Movement and their supporters.
This site is dedicated to those of the May 4 family who have sought for over 30 years to preserve the truth and whose motto has been and always will be, The Truth Demands Justice!


  1. For a more detailed way to search Mike and Kendra's, Kent State, May 4, 1970 Web Site check out our Alphabetized Index which will always be under construction.

  2. The Chronology outlines what happened at Kent State from May1 till May 4, 1970. Key words in the text are linked to PHOTOS from those days.

  3. On May 14, 1970 2 students were killed and many wounded at Jackson State College in Mississippi. They were protesting the Vietnam war and racism.Link here for the Jackson State Chronology.

  4. Kent State finally got a May 4 Memorial in 1990, but it took a prolonged struggle and the outcome was less than satisfactory.

  5. Prentice Parking Lot on the KSU campus is where the 4 slain students were shot. Cars had continued to park on these spots for over 28 years. The story behind the closing of the spots and the construction of the four memorials-PHOTOS

  1. We have a section for those of you who want to relate your personal stories about how May 4, 1970 affected you.The Your Story section includes a story and photos of William Schroeder from his pre Kent days and a travel log by Bill Arthrell, May 4, 1970 eyewitness, on his trip to Vietnam in 1998.

  2. We have a section on the 1998 Commemoration and the protest march which prompted the closing of the parking spaces in Prentice lot. PHOTOS also.

  3. Many books have been written about May 4, 1970. Our Books and Reference page lists many of them, what to find inside of them and where you might purchase them. Links to other resources also

  4. Photos from the 1999 Commemoration.

  5. May 4, 2000-An extensive report on the 30th Annual May 4, 1970 Commemoration, including transcripts of the major speakers, a report on "Kent State-A Requiem", the premiere May 4 threatre prodution, poetry by Barry Levine, over 70 photos, and much more.

  1. Arthur Krause, father of slain student, Allison was the most outspoken member of the May 4 families. This dedication was delivered by Kendra on May 4, 1989.

  2. In 1976 the University decide to build a gym on part of the May 4, 1970 site. Students and supporters occupied the site initiating a struggle that lasted almost two years .PHOTOS from Tent City, the May 4 Coalition Newspaper and other submissions.

  3. We have a links page with connections to other May 4, 1970 sites as well as more Peace and Justice links.

  4. We have a Research Page which we hope will aid those doing school reports on the events of May 4, 1970.

  5. Kendra and I have been to many May 4 Commemorations in the past 30 years and have taken many PHOTOS of our experiences. Eventually this section will become a history of the commemorations as we add detail and other people submit thier memories and photos to us.

  6. May 4 memorial buttons by Kendra developed over the past 12 years

  7. The United States has waged many wars against many nations and people since Vietnam. The war against Iraq and its effect on its people is outlined in this web site by a fellow Kent peace activist.

  8. On October, 19, 1998 people from around the country gathered in form of the Pentagon in Washington D.C. to demand that the United States give priority to human needs.

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