I once received an inquiry on Allison, Bill, Sandy and Jeff asking me if I thought the four murdered students were heroes.  My inclination was to reply that, no, they were not heroes. After all, today's media, which defines who is and who isn't a hero, tends to choose its candidates from the world of sports or from the military. Professional killers or egocentric (and very rich) over achievers. Certainly not like you or me or four ordinary people

Allison1.JPG (11054 bytes)
Allison Krause
Photo by Barry Levine

Bill1.JPG (10072 bytes)
Bill Schoeder
Photo by John Filo

going about the daily ritual of survival. I suppose if you can't be commodified or packaged, you can't be a hero. I suppose if you SACRIFICE yourself for some altruistic goal and don't expect a monetary reward, you can't be a hero. I suppose if your life teaches people about the need to share and tolerate instead of competing for fame and power, you can't be a hero.

I used to think that heroes were people that asked nothing in
return and that they gave of themselves unconditionally, that they exemplified who we might be if we learned from their example. That is, before we started marketing roll models for mass consumption.

Jeffrey1.JPG (8375 bytes)
Jeffrey Miller

If you click on any of the photos of the four   murdered students on this page you will be connected to a speech FOR that person. Each year on May 4, as part of the commemoration program, 4 individuals are asked to speak on behalf of the 4 students. Read what they said in 1997 and you decide who the real heroes are.

Sandy1.JPG (13787 bytes)
Sandra Scheuer

For even more information on Allison Krause, William Schroeder, Sandra Scheuer and Jeffrey Miller click on there names.

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