Chantal DuPuis' Story

Hi! I am a KSU grad who was at Kent on May 4, 1970. I have a poem given
to me after the massacre by a friend. He was an English major and told
me that he wrote it. I have kept it for 30 years. It is compelling. I
have no idea where the author is or what happened to him since 1970. I
don't have his permission to print it. I think it should be read. I
remember his name as Michael Galvin or Gavin, he was from New Jersey. I
thought he looked like a Greek god, had a mind like Plato and I had a
wicked crush on him. I would like to give him back his poetry.

Here's the poem presented as written. What do you think? Chantal DuPuis

the Dream died today...

the dream died today;
it drown in the sewage of its rivers
in the vomit of its derelicts
in the tears of dead soldiers' wives
in the blood of a thousand bludgeoned skulls
in the urine of its own dissipation.

the dream died today;
it was beaten to death by a sheriff in Selma
beaten by a construction worker in the streets of New York
beaten by a mob in the name of "law 'n order".

the dream died today;
it was shot through the heart at Haymarket Square
shot at a camp in Harlan, Kentucky
executed along with Sacco and Vanzetti.

the dream died today;
it froze to death while waiting in a breadline
froze in a doorway on Bowery Street
it hangs on a tree its manhood removed
they buried it today in Coeur D'Alenes, Bunker Hill and Arlington
National Cemetery.

the dream died today;
they killed four of your children at a school in Ohio.

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