Colorado School of Mines
and Bill Schroeder

Billsch2-2.jpg (13664 bytes) . In 1969, I lived next door to Bill Schroeder in Randall Hall on the Colorado  School of Mines campus. Army ROTC was a required course at Mines, so we all  participated along with Bill. The Floor Supervisor on the dorm floor below ours was a particularly officious, pedantic martinet, and I certainly was not  aware of anyone who particularly liked this person.

In the spring, as we prepared for Final Inspection (the concluded event in  many weeks of drill), a few of us decided to take the constant carping about  the length of our hair to the ultimate. One of these individuals was Bill.
The attached photos show Bill shaving his head, and the result, with him in uniform.

Bruce Maxwell
Billsch2-3.jpg (11798 bytes) . Billsch3-1.jpg (11680 bytes)

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