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Educate yourselves by keeping up with what is going on in Washington and Iraq and that means not restricting yourselves to CNN, Fox and MSNBC. Check out our links and find those sites that suit you and visit them frequently. Go to the library too and check out its resources.

Don't be afraid to speak up when the situation warrants. (Like when someone mentions Iraq is responsible for 9/11 or WMDs have been found in Iraq.) Be confident in your beliefs and be proud to express them.

Go to a demonstration, vigil, conference, educational event and/or antiwar meeting. Get involved, speak up and do some work. Link to United for Peacce and Justice's Calendar Section  or Protest.Net  for an activity in your area.

Write letters to your local newspaper, public officials, church bulletins and other forums and express your feelings about the war and US foreign policy. You can write an email to your US representative at this site and to your US senator at this site. For contact information about your state legislature link to this site. You can search for your local newspaper (college papers too) at this site.

Vote, support, and/or work for the antiwar candidate of your choice. Make it known to this candidate that her/his support is coming from the people and that support is based on the issues not just the candidate. Mike and Kendra's choice is Dennis Kucinich.

Michael Moore has some suggestions on how to really support the troops (beyond getting them home.) and to aid the Iraqi victims of the war. I will quote him from his 12/19/03 email.

1. Many families of soldiers are hurting financially, especially those families of reservists and National Guard who are gone from the full-time jobs ("just one weekend a month and we'll pay for your college education!"). You can help them by contacting the Armed Forces Emergency Relief Funds at (ignore the rah-rah military stuff and remember that this is money that will help out these families who are living in near-poverty). Each branch has their own relief fund, and the money goes to help the soldiers and families with paying for food and rent, medical and dental expenses, personal needs when pay is delayed, and funeral expenses. You can find more ways to support the troops, from buying groceries for their families to donating your airline miles so they can get home for a visit, by going to my website,

2. Thousands of Iraqi civilians have been killed by our bombs and indiscriminate shooting. We must help protect them and their survivors. You can do so by supporting the Quakers' drive to provide infant care kits to Iraqi hospitals—find out more here: You can also help the people of Iraq by supporting the Iraqi Red Crescent Society—here’s how to contact them:, or you can make an online donation through the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies by going here:

Antiwar materials:
War Resistors League’s Downloadable Anti-War Street Flyers
PDF Downloadable Peace and Non-Violence Stickers
Protest Graphics

If you have any other suggestions to add to this page, email Mike and Kendra at:

Antiwar Links
True Face of War

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