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30th Commemoration, Kent State, May 4, 1970 Video Tape available from Democracy University


Democracy University is brought to you by
JusticeVision and Ralph Cole.
Democracy University is an approximately monthly series of videotapes of progressive speakers and events. Its goal is to help overcome the pervasive censorship of progressive ideas, individuals and events that characterize corporate dominated media in the United States today..

Below is just a small sampling of what is being offered by Democracy University.
For more details on Democracy University and to order the tapes below e-mail Ralph Coles at or write to Ralph at 1425 W. 12th ST. #262, Los Angeles,
CA, 90015, USA or call him at (213) 747-6345.

Also, see below on how you can get selected tapes
(Indicated by, 7, in the Volume descrition.) for $5 each.

The 30th Annual Commemoration of the Kent State Massacre:
Democracy University
Volume 22

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Candlelight March and Vigil, with recollections and reflections by two survivors; 35 minutes. Press Conference with injured survivors; 25 minutes. Commemoration Event: students, performers, family & friends of the victims of the Kent State and Jackson State shootings (the entire outdoor event is included.); Country Joe McDonald (with a performance of "The Fixin'-To-Die Rag"), Juliette Beck, Vernon Bellecourt, Julia Butterfly-Hill, Ramona Africa, Mumia Abu-Jamal (on audiotape), and Noam Chomsky. On the Kent State Commons; 4 hours and 3 minutes.  A Workshop with Noam Chomsky on Media and Foreign Policy. In the Kent State Gym; 1:48. All at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, 5/3 & 5/4/00; 6:52 total time.

"Fluoridation's Devastating Effects Upon the Body", with biochemist John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D., introduced by Howard Lyman, author of Mad Cowboy. Santa Monica, Ca., 9/4/95, 1:12.

7 See below on how to get this tape for $5
Experience Seattle
Democracy University
Volume 19
An 8-tape (64-hour) set of the teach-ins and actions in Seattle in opposition to the World Trade Organization, which is available for $10 per tape, or for a $40 to $80 donation for the complete set. Other videotapes in the series are also available. Each is 6 hours or 8 hours in length, for a minimum donation of $10 each.

7 See below on how to get this tape for $5S

Green Party 2000

Democracy University
Volume 23
The Green Party Convention is available on 3 videotapes for $5 to $10 per videotape (i.e. $15 to $30 for the 3-tape set). The 3 tape set includes an 8-hour videotape, a 6-hour videotape, and a 2-hour, 44 minute videotape.   Includes acceptance speech by Ralph Nadar in high quality SP mode as well as speeches by Jim Hightower, Helen Caldicott, Manning Marable,   Adamou Garba, Jello Biafra, Marco Mroz and many more.
Who Owns

Democracy University
Volume 21
Includes speeches on globilization and corporatization by Ralph Nadar and Noam Chomsky a well speakers from a Americans for Democratic Action sponsored symposium, entitled "Who Rules America"? The "Who Rules America Symposium includes speeches by Bernie Sanders, Jim Hightower, Dennis Kucinich, and many others. Approximatelt 8 hours, $10 per copy

7 See below on how to get this tape for $5

7   How to receive these tapes for only $5  7

This and future tapes in the series may be obtained for a
minimum donation of only $5 by signing up for the series. You
will receive one tape about once every5 weeks, on average.
Your only obligations are to:
(1) Let Democracy University know if you change your address
or decide to cancel (a returned tape costs about $3);
(2) Send $5 or more after you receive each tape, in the remittance
envelope Democracy U. will include with it;
(3) Tell others about the Democracy University Video
Series and how to get my email each month.
That's it! Please consider signing up for the series. Signing up not only cuts the handling time and
mailing costs substantially, but it will also get the tapes to you much sooner. It will also help
Democracy U. getmore tapes out in the limited time between shoots, and allow this
project to grow. Thanks!

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