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May 4, 1978

May 1-6: 10:00a.m.-8:00p.m
               MAY 4th ART EXHIBIT
               Student Center Art Gallery

Sketches, paintings and photographs by: Ruth Gikow, Sonny Canfora, Bonnie Mauch,Craig Megyes and other area artists. Memoriam Booklet to be distributed by Art Exhibit.

May 3rd: .
     5:00p.m POT LUCK DINNER AND
                 RECEPTION FOR PER-
                 FORMING ARTISTS
                 Center for Peaceful Change

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               Student Center Ballroom
Provisional Theatre of Los Angeles will perform the improvisational production of "Voice of the People."

Music Performances by several area and national artists:Barbara Dane
                             Chic Canfora
                             Jim Ballard
                             Fatima Abdullah
                             Sally Parrino

   10:30p.m. Candlelight March
                  Beginning on the Commons
    11:30p.m. Family Statement
                  Prentice Parking Lot
Families of the KSU shooting victims will present a public statement at the conclusion of the candlelight march. Their attorneys and others will be preent to discuss the upcoming trial against Gov. Rhodes and the Ohio National Guard.

   Midnight till       ALL NIGHT VIGIL
    Noon               Prentice Parking Lot

May 4th:
    11:30 a.m.  RALLY ON THE COMMONS
      Songs by Nationally known folksingers
     12:00noon   VIGIL ENDS:MOMENT OF
                        KSU Commons(Rain:Mem.Gym)
Daniel Ellsburg:anti-war activist who revealed the Pentagon Papers.
William Kunstler : activist lawyer who coordinated the defense of the Kent 25
Vernon Bellecourt:co-leader of the American Indian Movement
Abdul Alkalilmat:Founder of African Liberation Support Committee, Black Scholor Magazine, People's College
Clark Kissinger:Ex-President of Students for a Democratic Society, 1964
Alan Canfora:Wounded at Kent State in 1970 and Kent 25 Defendant          

Alan Canfora and Greg Rambo were acquitted Wed., April 26, of criminal trespass charges stemming from the "bullhorn incident" of March 30th. The University's attempt to railroad Canfora and Rambo into jail for 30 days failed due to "insufficient evidence" for conviction in the court. In the real world, however, Canfora and Rambo were freed due to the outrage expressed by students who packed the courtroom, outrage directed against the University for its role in covering-up and attempting to silence anyone who speaks out about the murders of May 4, 1970. The May 4th Coalition thanks everyone who packed the courtroom that day, and invites the students of KSU to hear Alan, Greg, and many others who will be speaking at the Task Force Program this May 4th.

Carter Dodge's appeal is pending regarding his 6-month suspension from the University. His suspension is the result of the University's trumped-up charges that Dodge "disrupted the good order of the University" when he correctly pointed out that Glenn Perusek's leafleting charge was simply an attempt by the University to silence students who speak out about the events of May 4th, 1970at Perusek's hearing. Students should be ready to actively support Dodge and any other students who face similar repressive acts brought down by the University.

Jane Bratnober, Mary Mosher, and Fatimah Abdullah were acquitted of their charges of "disrupting the good order of the University" and of using a

bullhorn at an "unauthorized" rally held on March 30th.
Coalition attorney Barbara Child's questions around why the whiteslips had been issued three weeks after the "bullhorn incident" occurred drew responses from several low-level KSU administrators which clearly exposed their conspiratorial attempts to frame the 3 defendants. This conspiracy involved a 3-week delay during which Dave Bratten, head of Student Center Operations, sat on Mosher's and Abdullah's whiteslips until Herb Cherek, Curator of Rockwell Hall, decided to issue a whiteslips against Bratnober. Cherek reached this decision after speaking with campus police who informed him that Bratnober was using a bullhorn outside Rockwell Hall.
This obvious attempt by the University to stifle individuals who speak out about the May 4th murders reflects the University's continuing efforts to cover-up the events of May 4th, 1970. This cover-up is quickly becoming exposed through the determination of people at Kent and around the country to speak the truth about May 4th. The 100 people who attended the Bratnober-Mosher -Abdullah hearing were instrumental in jamming the Hearing Board into dropping the charges against the three defendants. Throught their efforts, the slogan rang true: COURTS! ARRESTS! INJUNCTIONS! JAIL! ALL THEIR EFFORTS TO STOP US WILL FAIL!
Greg Rambo:May 4, 1970 eye-witness and member of the May 4th Coalition. May 4 and KSU Faculty----(continued on page 4)--------
Bill Arthrell:May 4th eye-witness and Kent 25 defendant
Jeter Pitman: Member of Blak United Students at Kent State.

    3:30p.m.  TRUTH DEMANDS
                      JUSTICE MARCH
          KSU Commons, through the streets of             Kent and the campus ending at the             Student Center.

May 4th Coalition/Kent Legal Defenxe Fund
May 4th Task Force

The front page of our special May 4, 1978, edition depicts actual scenes of May, 1970, its criminal participants and the agents of the cover-up.
For your easy identification, certain criminals are numbered:1)R.Nixon; 2)Gov.Rhodes; 3)L. Satrom, 1970 mayor of Kent; 4)R. White, 1970 pres. KSU; 5)Gen. S. DelCorso; 6)Gen R. Canterbury; 7)R. Kane, Portage Countyprosecutor-1970; 8)G. Old, pres. KSU, 1971-77; 9)F. Biles, KSU VP and professional liar; 10)B, Golding, tyrannical KSU ruler.

Last spring there were enough KSU faculty members' signatures on a petition to move the gym that te=hey filled a full-page ad in the DKS. That was about the same time that the May 4th oalition made one of its demands that the UFPA, the faculty union, secure their preliminary contract, a Memorandum of Understanding. When the agreement was signed shortly afterwards, union negotiators acknowledged that the Coalition's support had been instrumental. During the summer, UFPA, represented by attorney Staughton Lynd, entered the legal battle to move the gym, but that suit was eventually dropped, in spite of strong urging to the contrary by Lynd and some of the UFPA leadership.
But all that faulty action---most o it UFPA action---was last year. This spring some faculty members have become very active; but, they are different faculty members, and their actions are very different. It is this new group that is responsible for the "Letter to Our Students" sistributed on campus Monday, April 17, and reprinted in the DKS.
This letter asks students to accept as "reasonable assumptions" that "freedom of speech requires a respect for the ..prerogatives of others,"
that "this university community was not actually of morally responsible for the shootings," that "no one can have a lok on sorrow, or can tell another when to weep, or can know if, when, and how much another has already wept," and that "this University is not a ourt or a apita and cannot render legal justice in the case."
This letter to students is signed, "From faculty members of Kent State Universtiy." The text of the letter refers to "the hundreds who stand behind these words." Even though the words have apparently been carefully chosen so as not to be technically inaccurate, the impression has sitll been created that most, or even all, of the faculty have endorsed the letters. That impression is absolutely false.
The KSU community intitled to know the truth about this group and how its public statements came about. After apparently several meetins of a small group to make initial plans, they reserved room 310 of the Student Center for a large meeting on April 3. They did not , however, announce this meeting publicly

Vol. 1 No. 4 ,May 4, 1978, Page 3

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