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In the largest American demonstration in recent years, ten thousand people rallied in Washington D.C.  on April 15, to oppose the Bakke decision. The U. S. Supreme Court is expected to decide this month whether Allan Bakke can be a medical student or not. Bakkee claims he was aced out of medical school because "unqualified" minorities took his place.
If upheld in the Supreme Court, the Bakke decision will surely have immediate effect of ending many affirmative action programs wiping out important gains won through mass struggles of minorities in the 60's.

Alan Canfora and Greg Rambo are going on trial at the Ravenna Courthouse soon. Alan was wounded here during the 1970 shootings and Greg was an eyewitness to the murders. The trial of these two students reveals the lengths that the university


and the courts will go to in their efforts to cover-up the truth about May 4, 1970.
In recent weeks and months, President Golding and his police force have stepped up their attacks upon KSU students who oppose the injustice of 1970. They are doing  everything in their power to diminish the strength of our movement. Ultimately they hope to adversely affect our May 4th Program which will attract thousands who demand an end to the Kent State Injustice.

Recent arrests and possible expulsions and jail terms have angered large numbers of students. These arrests, and so-called "student misconduct violations" (white slips), are obvious attacks upon those of us who are critical of the administration and their role in he cover-up of the truth about the 1970 massacre.

Here is a list of recent KSU administrative attempts to silence certain students.

(1)Alan Canfora (student wounded by the National Guard in 1970), and Greg Rambo (an eyewitness to the 1970 murders), will go to trial in Ravenna this week because they dared to use a bullhorn at a public rally in the student center plaza a few weeks ago. The face 30 day jail terms and a fine.

(2) Carter Dodge -  a graduate student, was expelled last week because he publicly criticized the "All University Hearing Board", which was about to expel a friend for passing out leaflets in the student center.

(3)Jane Bratnober, Fatimah Ahbdulah, and Mary Mosher - face student misconduct hearings because they supposedly violated an unconstitutional university policy governing the use of a bullhorn in public. They may be expelled.

(4) Six other students (unnamed as yet) also face expulsion for passing out leaflets in defiance of the questionable university policy

which limits the distribution of leaflets in the student center.

Other cases will undoubtedly come to your attention soon. Why do you think that  suddenly the university has created "new rules" to control the flow of information on campus? What information do you think that they want to stop? Why has the tyrant -- President Golding, so flagrantly disregarded our constitutional rights to freedom of speech?

It's really not so difficult to figure out, is it? It's clear that these rules, these hearings, these court cases, these expulsions and possible jail sentences are AN ATTEMPT TO SILENCE CERTAIN STUDENTS.

They do not attempt to silence everyone. They only harass, expel and jail those who seek to reveal the truth about the 1970 massacre. It is clear that since a powerful movement to expose this injustice has emerged on this campus, Golding and his police and his courts MUST TRY TO SILENCE US!

But they are doomed to failure. We WILL continue to take our case to the students of this university. We  WILL have a large gathering of people on May 4, 1978, who will unite around the common theme: STOP THE KENT STATE INJUSTICE .

Without the support of large numbers of people, out attempt to expose this historic injustice will fail. Golding knows this and so he has unleashed his police in an attempt to silence us and diminish our powerful movement against the murder, cover-up and injustice at Kent State.


Alan and Greg spoke over a battery-powered bullhorn at a rally in the Student Center plaza on March 30th. For this "crime" the two were arrested on charges of criminal trespassing with $2500 bail apiece. They face 30 day jail sentences and fines should they be convicted.

There is a lot of power in hearing someone who was wounded by the Guardsmen's bullets tell about May 4th.  There is a lot of impact in hearing an eyewitness to the murders give his account and tell about the eight year struggle for justice which has followed. These two students, one a victim of Rhodes' massacre, are scheduled to speak at this year's May 4th rally.

But now Alan and Greg stand a good chance of being behind bars on May 4th, 1978. This is the extent to which KSU will go to stop the truth from coming out.

Judge Martin, who is hearing the Rambo/Canfora case today refused to allow a continuance on their trial, even through the arrests occurred just a few weeks ago. Attorney for the defendants, Billy Whitaker, told our reporters, "In six years of practice before this Court I've never had a case of such seriousness come up on the docket so quickly." This proves that the courts are doing all they can to make sure that Canfora and  Rambo spend May 4 in jail.

In 1970, Rhodes used bullets to silence Canfora and Rambo. Now Golding and his police are using jails.  THEY MUST NOT BE SILENCED!

D'eja vu?

Recent statements made by the president of this university have been made with the intention of creating an atmosphere of fear and apprehension on this campus. Before Golding continues setting us all up for more police violence and over-action serious attention must be paid to the shocking parallels between his present conduct and that of Governor Rhodes in 1970:

Continued from right column above:

GOVERNOR RHODES (1970): "It's over with in Ohio...the same group that we are dealing with here today, and there's three or four of them, they only have one thing in mind, that is to destroy higher education in Ohio...and when they start taking over the communities, this is when we're going to use every weapon of the law enforcement agencies of Ohio to drive them out of Kent, ...We have these same groups going from one campus to another, and they make definite plans of burning, destroying and throwing rocks at police and at the national guard, ...they're worse than the brown shirts... the worst criminals that we harbor in America... No one is safe in Portage County."

BRAGE GOLDING (1978): "The =gym is not the issue...these people are similar to the West German terrorists...a small band operating in a similar manner on about 50 campuses nationwide...casting about for a cause. The vast majority of the students, faculty and staff-and many townspeople--...are tired of being bullied and harangued, scornful of dissidents...and wish all protesters to be  barred from the campus. Everyone associated with Kent State has a stake in preserving its life and its property...our resources are consumed by an abusive few...who mock the dead in their rhetoric or who insist upon rights guaranteed by a country some of them may wish to overthrow."

When President Golding closed his  most recent statement with a call for the "preservation of the university" and a claim that May 4th is approached with "dread and apprehension" it is shockingly clear who is creating the atmosphere of dread and apprehension in Portage County this time.

Rhodes' inflammatory remarks paved the way for the murders which occurred here eight years ago. His words are now echoed by Golding, whose last, desperate hope is to install a fear of the truth in the minds of the people, an continue the cover-up of murder and injustice on this campus.

Advisory board takes stand

By a five to two vote last Thursday, the Student Center Advisory Board recommended to the KSU Administration that regulations restricting leafleting in the Student Center and other campus buildings be abolished.

Several members of the May 4th Coalition and other students appeared at their meeting to argue that these rules, aside from being absurd, have been selectively enforced to harass May 4th-related organizing. While scores of other groups regularly violate the leafleting restrictions, they pointed out that it is only when May 4th-related literature is passed out that police photographers appear and leafleters are white-slipped and threatened with expulsion.

However, it was not the obvious logic of these arguments which caused the Advisory Board to recommend the suspension of the leafleting rules. When these same arguments were given at Glen Perusek's hearing two weeks ago, they were ruled "out of order" by the All Campus Hearing Board.

The Advisory Board has been forced to change its position because the political harassment of May 4th activists has become widely exposed on campus and most people are beginning to understand the reasons why--and are getting angry about it. Between 80 and 100 students showed up to support both Glen Perusek and Carter Dodge when they were brought before the Hearing Board on phony charges.

The University's bureaucrats are probably unnerved at the thought of the nine upcoming hearings which involve the harassment of May 4th activities (six for leafleting and three for using a bullhorn on the student center plaza)--not to mention the trial beginning today in

Ravenna where two students, Alan Canfora and Greg Rambo, are being charged with Criminal Trespass for using a bullhorn. Even Golding's phony Observance Committee is twitching. Last week it called for a "review of the leafleting policies," fearing that the recent repression is giving rise to student unrest.

The buck has not been passed to the Student Life Advisory Board and Dean Wilson. who will have to make the final decision on the regulations. If these administrators have any political shrewdness whatsoever, they will follow the advice of their Student Center friends and abolish the leafleting rules.

If not, they will surely regret it. The heat is on now, and it's sure to reach a boiling point when the next nine organizers are brought to trial for their "crimes" of speaking out about the truth of May 4th.


NOTE: Thanks to the Graduate Student Senate for its resolution calling for the abolition of KSU's leaflet rules.

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Vol. 1 No. 3, Page 4, April 24,1978

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